Center of Excellence on Sustainable Infrastructure

IIT Delhi has set up a Center of Excellence for Sustainable Infrastructure (COESI) aimed at carrying out advanced research in the areas of sustainable, energy efficient and smart infrastructure. The CoE is supported by funds from Yardi Software Pvt Ltd (YSIPL), the Indian arm of the global company Yardi Systems. Established in 1984, Yardi Systems is a leading provider of high-performance solutions for infrastructure and real estate industry. The broad areas in which the CoE will carry out research include energy efficiency and conservation, building management systems, socio techno-economics and financing of interventions aiming at sustainability. Besides conducting energy and environmental assessment of the infrastructure sector, the CoE will map ways for sustainable habit and transportation, chart methods for harnessing renewable energy for infrastructure sector and produce sensor devices for smart infrastructure.

We would like to thank Mr Anant Yardi an Alumnus of IIT Delhi for his significant contribution towards the setting up of this center.