A talk by Mr. Mohit Aron

Alumni Affairs & International Programmes recently conducted an interactive talk session with one of the most eminent alumni of the Institute, Mr. Mohit Aron. He is the founder and CEO of the US-based Enterprise Storage Company, “Cohesity”, and-founder and CTO of a billion-dollar enterprise Nutanix. He graduated from IIT-Delhi in 1995, with a B.Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering. Cohesity was named “Next Billion-Dollar Startup” by Forbes and recognized as one of the Top 25Disruptors of 2016 by CRN and lately among the top 50 Disruptors by CNBC in 2019. Mr.Aron explained the significant factors which are the causes of failure for a majority of ventures and how to avoid them. An engaging and exhaustive Q&A session followed a brief exposition of the driving philosophy behind these billion-dollar ventures. In the end, Mohit himself got emotional about IIT Delhi and told the students to make the most of their time in the Institute no matter what their future goals might be.