It All Started at IIT Delhi: Chetan Bhagat

The Alumni Association, IIT Delhi organized a fireside chat with Chetan Bhagat (95 batch, ME) on 4th August 2019. Out of many probable options for interviewers for Chetan, Dean Alumni Affairs & International Programmes(AAIP), Prof Sanjeev Sanghi happened to be a clear choice. Prof Sanghi knows Chetan ever since he joined IITD because Chetan Bhagat happens to be amongst the first batches taught by Prof Sanghi. As mentioned by Chetan himself during the talk, Five Point Someone character, ‘Veera’ was based largely on Prof Sanghi. It was an absolute pleasure to have Chetan mother present in the audience to listen to the talk. Chetan, in his own style, had an interesting exchange with Dean AAIP but Chetan did not reveal the identity of the Professor whose daughter he dated at IIT Delhi. Chetan also talked about his experience of re-climbing the platform in front of the Institute bell after 20years, last year. During the talk, there was also a discussion on the influence of five Point Someone and 3 idiots in reforming the education system. Chetan also collected his IIT Delhi Distinguished Alumni Award from the director.