Global Alumni Endowment Fund

IIT Delhi launched India’s first Endowment Fund on 31st October 2019 thus creating history and setting an example for other institutes and universities across the country to emulate. The fund was launched by the Hon’ble President of India during a glittering ceremony held in the Yellow Room at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. The Endowment fund is a pioneering effort to create a model for transparency and governance that will draw on the expertise of our alumni while being perfectly aligned with the vision and mission of the Institute. The fund was launched with pledges of over Rs 250Cr by IITD alumni and is a manifestation of a continually deepening bond of trust and affection between the Institute and its alumni community.

The institute deeply appreciates the earnest effort of these Alumni for making these generous and substantial donations. The Alumni who have come together as founders of this Endowment fund are helping the Institute in developing a more engaging, enduring, and self-sustaining model to carry forward its vision of world-class excellence in the field of teaching and research. We are proud of having such Alumni who are always forthcoming in giving back to their Alma Mater.

The Alumni who have collectively committed over INR 250 Cr to the IIT Delhi Endowment fund are Mr. Binny Bansal, Mr. Sachin Bansal, Mr. Arun Duggal, Mr. Sandeep Singhal, Mr. Vikram Gupta, Mr. Sashi Reddi, Mr. Neeraj Arora, Mr. Sujeet Kumar, Mr. Amarpreet Sawhney, Mr. Jaswinder Chadha, Mr. Ranu Vohra, Mr. Mohit Aron, Mr. Saurabh Mittal, Mr. Amarjeet Bakshi, Mr. Gaurav Kushwaha, Mr. Rajiv Kuchhal, Mr. Surendra Jain and Mr. Gautam Kumra.