Ram and Sita Sabnani Chair

1975 alumnus Dr. Krishan K. Sabnani has endowed the Ram and Sita Sabnani Chair at the institute. The chair seeks to promote excellence and leadership in teaching, research, and development in Computer Communications.

Dr. Krishan was Vice President of Networking Research at Bell Labs from Jan. 2000 to Sept. 2013. In that role, he managed all networking research in Bell Labs, comprising nine departments in seven countries: USA, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Belgium, and South Korea. He retired from Bell Labs in Jan 2017 and upon his retirement was appointed as Ambassador-at-large for Bell Labs. He is the first person to receive this award.

Dr. Krishan is a part-time consultant at Bell Labs. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and an honorary professor at IIT Delhi. He is also a visiting scientist at The Johns Hopkins University.