Two New BTech Programs at IITD

This November IIT Delhi has admitted students to two new BTech programs – in “Materials Engineering” and in “Engineering and Computational Mechanics”.

In the Materials Engineering BTech, students will learn about the relationships between structure and properties in various classes of materials including metals, polymers, electronic materials, and biomaterials. Concepts learned in the programme can be used to quantify the essential properties of engineering materials and guide the design of new materials for structural and functional applications. “Graduates of this programme will be poised to enter the aerospace, manufacturing, defence, oil and gas, automotive and petrochemicals industry,” informed Prof Josemon Jacob, Head, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He said, “The development, selection and processing of materials are central to any engineering advancement.”

The BTech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics will be run by the Department of Applied Mechanics. Students will get to learn about fundamental aspects of mechanics, including emerging areas like biomechanics, nano-mechanics, multiscale modelling, machine learning, and AI. Students will not only learn classical theoretical and experimental mechanics but also the latest in computational techniques including Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). “The graduates of this programme are likely to find the best jobs in core engineering and will also be suited for higher studies like master’s and PhD in IIT Delhi as well as other leading national and international educational institutions,” said Prof Sanjeev Sanghi, HoD, Applied Mechanics. The students taking this course will be able to analyse complex interdisciplinary phenomena relevant to problems in industry and cutting-edge research through experimentation, analysis and computation.