Our Alums have instituted numerous awards to encourage scholarship and recognize academic excellence. To learn more about how you could institute a student award please click here.

Award NameDonor NameAwarded for/to
Shri S V Indulkar AwardDr. C S Indulkarfor best BTech Project in Power Apparatus and Systems in EE.
Suyash Chandra Memorial AwardProf Suresh Chandrafor best final year project in Mathematics and Computing
Leela Khushiram AwardDr. (Mrs.) Karuna Sahafor outstanding performance in 5 year Dual Degree course in the DBEB
Prof. C.S. Jha Memorial Excellence AwardMrs. Rajshree Jhato acknowledge and encourage talented graduating BTech girl student (both stream) in EE
Dipak Sengupta Memorial AwardMr. Suvojoy Senguptato a 2nd yr student of BTech programme in ME.
S.C. Mehrotra's AwardMr. Subhash Chand Mehrotrato UG student securing highest CGPA; to SC/ST UG students securing highest CGPA
B.N. Bhardwaj Memorial AwardMr. Saurabh Sandhir & Mrs. Sushma Sandhirto provide assistance for purchasing of Books/Educational Material to two UG students - one each from 2nd and 3rd yr
Krishna Hari Saxena AwardDr. Sanjeev Saxenato one UG student of CE
BOSS AwardBatch of 1977to encourage students into experimental and design based research.
Dogra Educational Endowment Awardsfor best CE MTech student in Construction Engineering & Management; to CBME Phd Scholar selected on basis of best scientific publication in Bio-Medical.
Shri & Smt. B.S. Nayyar Memorial Award for ExcellenceProf. Devi Chadhato UG girl and UG boy students (one each) at the end of 6th semester student for visible contribution towards extra curricular activities including projects done over and above requirement towards the Btech programme
Rahul Giri Memorial AwardMr. Keshava Girifor best all rounder from amongst graduating students of CSE
Mudit Sharma Memorial AwardMr. Suman Kumar Sharma & Dr.(Ms.) Mukta Sharmafor a graduating UG student of Engg Physics
Suman-Upma Gupta Memorial AwardProf. Maithili Sharanfor a UG girl student
Dr. Kewal Krishan Baveja AwardDr. Usha K. Baveja and Mr. Gaurav K Bavejafor final year Chemical Engg. UG student
M.M. Chawala Memorial AwardProf. M.M. Chawlato a student of 5 year Integrated MTech in Mathematics and Computing
Jayant Sinha AwardMr. Jayant Sinha & Mrs. Punita Kumar Sinhato graduating student for cumulative outstanding contribution to BRCA.
Punita Kumar Sinha Award for All Rounder ExcellenceMr. Jayant Sinha & Mrs. Punita Kumar Sinhato a girl student, for excellence in academics and exrtracurricular activities.
Mrs. Chander Kanta Nanda Excellence AwardMs. Shashi (Nanda) Chawlato one boy and one girl UG student from graduating class for excellence in academics and cultural activities.
Sh. S.L. Duggal Excellence Cash AwardMr. Arun Duggalfor a best graduating Mechanical Engineering student
Sarla Devi Duggal Excellence Award for WomanMr. Arun Duggalfor best graduating female student
Dr. Amrik Singh AwardDilbagh Kaurto best MTech student in Textile Engineering.
Lt. Arpan Banerjee AwardMr. A.C. Bandhyopadhyayato M.Tech student of Applied Mechanics, Design Engg. and DIIT (Naval Construction).
Prof. O.P. Gupta MedalDr, N.K. Bansalto Mtech student in Centre for Energy Studies with highest CGPA.
Prof. Pushpa Bajaj AwardMr. Ramesh Bajajto graduating MTech Student in Fiber Science with highest CGPA.
Parampujya Baba Sant Nagpalji AwardShri Adya Katyayani Shaktipeeth Mandir Trustto graduating Mtech student in CSE with highest CGPA.
Prof. M.C. Puri Memorial AwardDr.(Ms.) Raksha Purito graduating M.Sc student in Mathematics with hughest CGPA
Prof. A.K. Sinha Cash Prize AwardDr, Sushila Sinhato graduating MTech student in EE with highest CGPA
NBCC Prize of Excellence AwardMr. B. Bhattacharyato graduating MTech student of CE (any specialization) with highest CGPA.
Chand Rani-Banarsi Dass Duggal Memorial AwardMr. R.K. Duggalto graduating MTech student of ITMMEC withhighest CGPA.
IEEE-PEDES 96 AwardProf. S.S. Murthyto graduating MTech student in Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives (PEEMD) with highest CGPA
Prof. R K MITTAL EXCELLENCE AWARDMs. Sneh Mittalto graduating MTech student for best project.
Excellence award for best Project in HVAC & R (Heating Ventilating, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration)C/o Dr. Sanjeev Jainfor best MTech Major Project; for best BTech major project.
Buti Foundation Bodh Raj Award for best women studentProf. B. Butito graduating women student in M.Sc, MTech and M.Des securing highest CGPA
Amit Garg Memorial Research Award (for P.G. Students)Mrs. Madhu Garg and Amit Ji Memorial Trustto graduating Phd student with high impact publication in a quality journal.
Shrimati Vijay-Usha Sodha Research AwardProf. M.S. Sodhato best Phd research scholar in Centre for Energy Studies.
Shri O.P. Bansal Cash AwardMs. Manju Bansalto MTech student in Design of Mechanical Equipment (ME) with highest CGPA
Shri Jaidutt Shrimati Saraswati Sodha Research AwardProf. M.S. SodhaAward for Research Scholars in Physics Dept.
Prof. Arun Kanda Memorial Cash AwardMrs. Kiran Kandato graduating MTech girl student in Industrial Engg (ME) with highest CGPA.
Prof. P.K. Katti AwardMs. Padma Kattito graduating MTech Student in Applied Optics (Physics) with highest CGPA.
Shri A.N. Dutta Memorial AwardProf. T.K. Duttato best MTech final Project in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics.
Shrimati Jawala Devi-Sita Ram Kaushik AwardProf. S.C. Kaushik & Dr.(Mrs.) Karuna Kaushikto best MTech project in Centre for Energy Studies.
Bhagirathi-Bashisht Tiwari AwardProf. G.N. Tiwari & Mrs. Kamlawati Tiwarito graduating MTech student in Center for Energy Studies with highest CGPA.
Ganga Devi and Khem Chand Memorial AwardProf. Maithili Sharanto a talented MTech student in Atmospheric Oceanic Science and Technology (CAS)
IIIE Cash AwardChairman
Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering
to talented MTech students in Industrial Engg. and Production Engg.(ME)
Mrs. Sabita Karunes Memorial AwardDr. Bappaditya BVanerjeeto best MBA final project in Human Resource Development.
Prof. B. Karunes Memorial AwardDr. Nana Saheb Banerjeeto best MTech final project in Solid Mechanics (AM)
Prof. Mira Madan Memorial Excellence AwardDr. Karan Madanto a talented Phd student for work in Biomass based technologies for Rural Development (CRDT).
Rajindra Kumari Malhotra Memorial AwardProf. R.C. Malhotrato responsible 2nd/3rd/4th/5th year UG students for academic performance and participation in extra curricular activities.
Abhinav Dhupar Memorial AwardMr./Ms. K S Chaitanyato graduating CE students for pursuing higher studies or a career in Civil Engineering
Rajiv Bambawale Cash AwardMr. A.T. Bambawalefor best final year BTech project in EE
Suresh Chandra Memorial Trust AwardMr. J.C. Saxenafor best BTech projects in CSE and ME and best MTech project in CSE.
K. Vasudevan AwardMr. K.S. Kannanto best graduating student of Textile Technology.
Laxmi Bai - Lal Chand Khurana Memorial Awardto best graduating student of 5 year integrated MTech in Mathematics and Computing.
Padmashri Man Mohan Suri Project AwardMr. M.M. Surifor best innovative hardware oriented BTech and Mtech major projects in Mechanical Engineering.
Mrs. Malti Singh and Shri Ram Rishi Singh Memorial Postgraduate Cash AwardMrs. Pushpa Singhto an MTech student of AM/ME with best designed and fabricated prototype
Shri Harbans Singh Memorial AwardProf. K. Singhto the best student in MTech Applied Optics.
Prof. J. Nanda Cash Award of Excellence in Power System EngineeringProf. J. Nanda
Prof. M.P. Singh AwardProf. Maithili Sharanto a Phd student for research in the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences.
Nitin Gupta AwardMr. Kartikeya Guptato three 2nd yr UG students of CSE.
Asha Gupta AwardMr. Kartikeya Guptato three 2nd yr UG students of CSE.
Reba and Pranab Chatterjee Excellence AwardMr. Ajay Chatterjeefor best MTech student of Chemical Engg. Dept.
Dr. P L Kapur and Mrs. Pushpa Kapur Memorial AwardMr. Pritam Kapurto best 1st year student of M.Sc Physics
Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma Cash Awardto an MTech student adjudged the best for General Proficiency: including character and conduct and excellence in academic performance, extra curricular activities, and social service from among all MTech graduating students.
Dr. Shivraj Nandan Sinha Awardto the best UG/PG project in CBME (Bio-medical Engg)
Mrs. Malti Singh & Shri Ram Rishi Memorial Cash AwardProf S.N. Singh1st/2nd yr UG student of ME who has designed & fabricated the best prototype product.
DORBALA ANNAPOORNA AWARDProf G. Nageswara RaoBest PhD thesis in Chemistry
Prof G. Nageswara RaoBest student of MSc Chemistry