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IIT Delhi has a rich history of producing capable, skilled, and the finest Alumni who have brought laurels to not only the institute but also to the entire nation. The Alumni of this Institute are confident individuals and have been instrumental in revolutionizing the technology sector of India have made IIT Delhi proud by contributing significantly in shaping the technology sector of the world as well.

The collective power of such individuals coming together to give back to their Alma Mater is hence also superlative. We at IIT Delhi appreciate your unwavering commitment towards IIT Delhi. Your partnership is essential as IIT Delhi takes strides to become one of the top-ranking global universities. Expansion, Excellence, and Inclusion are the goals IIT Delhi will strive for in the coming years. We would like your involvement and generosity to play a central role in the growing stature of IIT Delhi. To those of you who have offered the Institute your financial support, energy, and time, I thank you on behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, for your dedication to IIT Delhi. Your support shapes the future of the Institute, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you. To those who are working to make the world a better place to stay, we thank you. Your efforts every day help achieve the mission of IIT Delhi and strengthen our global impact and visibility

Class of 1979

The alumni of the 1979 class celebrated their Ruby Reunion on 31st January and  1st February 2020. The class joined hands to create an endowment

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Class of 1995

IIT Delhi had a grand celebration for the Silver Jubilee Reunion of the class of 1995 on 20th December 2019. Over two days the alums

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Class of 1984

The Pearl Reunion of 1984 batch was celebrated on 28-29 December 2018 at the Institute. The alumni got to know about recent developments at IITD.

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Class of 1994

The Silver Jubilee reunion of the 1994 batch was celebrated on 21st December 2018 at the Institute. This grand event was attended by more than 150

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Class of 1983

As their reunion gift to the Institute, the Class of 1983 put together a substantial endowment fund for supporting Student Scholarships. These scholarships have been

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Class of 1997

The class of 1997 – such a wondrous group of people! It was an honor to host you for your reunion at IIT Delhi during

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Class of 1993

A Silver Jubilee Reunion is a once-in-a-Lifetime event; this was the essence and theme of the reunion of the batch of 1993. The reunion was

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Class of 1967

At their reunion in December 2017, the Class of 1967 gave a unique gift to students of IIT Delhi. They set up a fund to

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