Many alumni, corporates and philanthropists have instituted scholarships at IITD to support students with limited means. Scholarships are renewed only when the student receiving the scholarship has an acceptable level of academic performance. To institute a scholarship click here.

Scholarship titleDonors NameEligibility
1984 BATCH SCHOLARSHIP1984 BATCH ALUMNI1st-year studentS of UG programme
"Ravinder Kumar Rishi Scholarship
Ms. Deepti Rishi1st-year UG student
ABB ScholarshipMr. Ravi Uppal2nd-year student in Electrical Engineering (Power) and maintaining CGPA 7.5. or above.
Akshat Gupta ScholarshipMr. S.C. Chopra2nd-year UG student, minimum CGPA 6.0
Amar Chand Memorial ScholarshipProf. Maithili SharanM.Sc. (Mathematics) 1st-year student at the end of 1st semester for securing securing high CGPA
Amritraj Chibber Family ScholarshipMr. Rahul Kumar Chibber and Mrs. Muktesh Chibber2nd-year UG Chemical Engineering Student, minimum CGPA 7.0
Anandpuri ScholarshipMr. Rajendra Singh1st-year UG student
Asha Devi Ram Kishore Jaiswal ScholarshipMr. Rajneesh Jaiswalfinal year student of M.Sc. (Physics) for securing the Highest CGPA at the end of 1st-year
B.S. Hajela Memorial ScholarshipMr. Virendra Hajela1st-year UG students (2), minimum CGPA 7.5
Bihari Lal & Lajwanti Batra ScholarshipMr. Ramesh C. Kapur1st-year UG student of Civil Engineering.
Bimal Saroj Charitable Society ScholarshipMr. B.P. Jain1st-year UG student
Bina Dewan Singh ScholarshipMs. Bina Dewan Singh1st-year UG student
Budhwanti Mrig. Memorial Educational ScholarshipsMr. Ashok Mrig1st-year UG girl students (2) on basis of JEE Merit
Buti Foundation ScholarshipProf. B. Buti1st-year UG Student maintaining CGPA 8.0
Buti Foundation ScholarshipButi Foundation1st-year studentS of UG programme maintaining CGPA 8.0
CS&E 1998 Batch Scholarship1998 CS&E Batch2nd-year student in Computer Science & Engineering
Dhan Kaur Memorial ScholarshipMr. K.S. Srikand1st-year UG student in Coumputer Science & Engg (1) and Electrical Engineering (1)
Elnova ScholarshipOne scholarship is awarded to a final year student working of his/ her final year project in the field of “Power Electronics”.
G.S. Bhasin ScholarshipMrs. Parvinder Kaur Bhasin1st-year UG student of Chemical Engineering
Gobind H. Keswani ScholarshipMr. Patanjali Keswani1st-year UG student
Gyan ScholarshipMr. Sandeep Tyagi1st-year UG student
Himalayan Scholarship ( Female Student)Mr. Prakash SinghGirl student belonging to UK, HP, J& K , Arunachal Pradesh , Asssam, Mijoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland , Manipur and Tripura on the basis of JEE Rank
IITDAA ScholarshipIIT Delhi Alumni Association2nd-year UG student, Minimum CGPA of 7.5
Indian Women's Association Bonn ScholarshipMs. Limila Lambah1st-year UG student
INOX FELLOWSHIPINOX AIR PRODUCTS PVT LTDfor UG students of Chemical Engg with minimum CGPA 8 on the basis of academic performance. One award each to students of 2nd/3rd/4th yr and one scholarship each to students of 2nd/3rd yr.
Jagdishwar & Maya Jaluria ScholarshipMs. Sushma Chadha2nd-year UG Mechanical Engineering Student with highest CGPA.
Jain ScholarshipMr. S.K. Jain1st-year UG students (2) based on JEE rank & maintaining CGPA of 7.5.
Janak Raj Malhotra ScholarshipMr. Chetan Vohra1st-year UG student
Jhaman Lal Bhatia Smt. Dharma Devi1st-yr UG student
Jwala Batch of 1984 ScholarshipMr. Sudaram Srinivasan3rd-year UG student from Jwalamukhi Hostel.
Kalpna Chawla ScholarshipParents of Kalpana Chawla3rd/4th-year UG students (2) with minimum CGPA of 8.00
Keshar Devi ScholarshipMr. Vinod Bhagat3rd-year students (2) of Mechanical Engineering with highest CGPA at end of 2nd-year.
Krishna Engineering ScholarshipMr. K.M. Gupta1st-year UG student
Kundan Lal Trust ScholarshipKundan Lal Trust Bombay1st-year student only for one year of any discipline on the basis of merit at the end of 1st semester.
Maj. Gen. Harkirat Singh Memorial ScholarshipMr. L.D. Gupta4th-year student of Civil Engineering, based on CGPA after 3rd-year.
Major Dr. Nityananda Tyagi ScholarshipMr. Sandeep Tyagi1st-year UG student
Manohar Lal & Indravati Kapur ScholarshipMr. Ramesh C. Kapur4th-year UG student of Civil Engineering.
Meera Mehta ScholarshipMr. Sanjeev Mehta1st-year UG student
Mehar Chand Motia Devi Kohli ScholarshipMr. Birendra Sawhney1st-year B.Tech. student based on JEE rank and maintaining CGPA of 7.5.
Mr. Bimen Behari Sen Memorial ScholarshipMs. Krishna Senfinal year student of M.Sc. (Physics) for securing the Highest CGPA at the end of 1st-year
Mrs. Malti Singh and Shri Ram Rishi Singh Memorial ScholarshipProf S.N.Singh2nd/3rd/4th-year UG girls students maintaining CGPA of 7.5.
Mrs. Shanti Chopra ScholarshipMr. J.P. Gajree3rd/4th-year UG student of Electrical Engineering
Ms. M. Ratna Benevolence ScholarshipMr. H.C. Verma1st-year UG student
Mudit Sharma Memorial ScholarshipMr. S.K. Sharma2nd-year UG Engineering Physics student with highest CGPA at end of 1st-year.
Nilgiri 1990 Batch ScholarshipMr. Manish Mittal and Mr. Pankaj Vajpayee3rd/4th-year student of Nilgiri, minimum CGPA 6.0
Nirmal Parsad Jain ScholarshipMr. Arun Jain1st-year UG student
Nirmala Devi Raghunath Das Sarin ScholarshipMr. Mukesh Sarin2nd-year UG student of Textile Technology.
Pranab K. Chatterjee Family ScholarshipMr. Ajay Chatterjee2nd-year UG student of chemical Engineering, minimum CGPA 6.75
Prof. A.K. Mahalanabis Memorial ScholarshipMr. Abhijit Mahalanabis1st-year UG student of Electrical Engineering with highest JEE-rank.
Prof. H.R. Gulati ScholarshipMrs. Vimla Gulati1st-year (Engineering Physics) maintaining CGPA or 7.5.
Prof. Vidya Bhushan Anand Memorial ScholarshipMs. Indira M. Anandfinal year student of M.Sc. (Physics) for securing the Highest CGPA at the end of 1st-year
Promila Moudgill ScholarshipMr. J.N. Moudgil1st-year UG student
PUSHPA SANKHLA SCHOLARSHIPMr. Mohit Kumar Jain1 UG girl student in the Institute.
Rajiv Bambawale Trust ScholarshipMr. A.T. Bambawale1st-year UG student
Ramboll Subvention Program
"Inspire the Future" Scholarship
RAMBOLL INDIA LTD.1st-year Students from Civil, Electrical or Mechanical discipline only. Selection will be made on the basis of their JEE All India Rank and who have scored more than 80% in their 12th standard.
Ramesh & Chanda Kapur ScholarshipMr. Ramesh C. Kapur1st-year UG student
Rupa Moudgill ScholarshipMr. J.N. Moudgil1st-year UG student
S. C. Mehrotra’s ScholarshipMr. Subhash Chand Mehrotra2nd-year UG student of Civil Engineering (upto 4th-year), minimum CGPA 7.0 at end of 1st-year.
Sadashiv Shankar Gokhale ScholarshipMr. Sunil GokhaleStudent of B.Tech./Dual Degree/Integrated M.Tech.programme.
Sai Pramod Kumar Atmakuru Memorial ScholarshipFriends and classmates of Sai Pramod Kumar Atmakuru1st-year UG students (2) of Computer & Science Engineering
SARLA AND RATAN GUPTA MERIT SCHOLARSHIPMr. Roopak Gupta1 UG girl student in the Institute.
Shri B. N. & Smt Kamlesh Sharma ScholarshipMr. Gagan Sharma3rd-year student of Chemical Engineering, minimum CGPA of 6.5.
Shri Beni Madho Singh Scholarship2nd-year UG student, minimum CGPA of 7.5, best sport person amongst the UG freshers.
Singhal ScholarshipMr. Peter C. Careless1st-year female student of Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.
Suman Gupta Memorial ScholarshipProf. Maithili SharanM.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) Student securing high SGPA at the end First semester of 1st-year
SURBHI GOEL SCHOLARSHIPMr. Rajesh Goel1st-year UG student
Swami Sivananda Memorial ScholarshipMr. Sivananda Sharangirl students on basis of academic performance.
Tara Chand Chopra ScholarshipMr. Sunil Chopra1st-year UG student
Taravati Ram Gopal Mehra Foundation ScholarshipMr. Lalit Mehra1st-year student of UG programme on the basis of JEE Merit
Upma Memorial ScholarshipProf. Maithili Sharan1st-year UG student with minimum CGPA of 6.00 at end of 1st-semester.
VEENA BHATIA MENDIRATTA SCHOLARSHIPDr. Veena B Mendiratta1st-year UG student
Vidyavati Mehndiratta Scholarship1 UG girl student in the Institute maintaing CGPA 7.5
Vivekanand ScholarshipMr. Siddhartha Das1st-year UG student
ZTE TELECOM INDIA SCHOLARSHIPZTE Telecom India Pvt Ltd1st-year UG student
AV Sankaran ScholarshipMr. Srikant Sankaran1st year student with annual income less than 9L and required to pay full tuition fee
Class of 1974 ScholarshipWell WisherFemale student with annual income less than 9L and required to pay full tuition fee
Prof Narendra Kumar and Shaila BansalMs. Shalini Bansal and Mr. Anubhav BagleyFemale UG students with parents’ combined annual income are less than 9L
Indu and Vijay Godura ScholarshipMr. Ruchir GoduraUG students whose annual family income is less than 9L and who are required to pay the full tuition fee are eligible.
“Batch of 1968 Electrical” ScholarshipMr. Jiwan D JainElectrical Engineering program UG students whose annual family income is less than 9L and who are required to pay the full tuition fee are eligible.
Mittal Renaissance ScholarsMr. Saurabh Mittal3rd UG students with CGPA at least 8
Endowment Merit ScholarshipsMr. Arun DuggalUG students of the BTech/Dual degree program who are required to pay the full tuition fee are eligible. Students who receive any other scholarship of annual value 1.0 Lakh or more are not eligible.
Prof. Birendra Kumar Sawhney ScholarshipSmt. Kamlesh Sawhney1st-year students of MSc Physics whose annual family income is less than 9L and who do not receive any other scholarship other than the Institute are eligible.

IIT Delhi instituted scholarships that repaid the interest on loans the students took. Many alums contributed to support these loan scholarships.

Name of ScholarshipName of DonorPurpose
VED & PREM LATA GULATI LOAN S/SHIPAjit GulatiLoan Scholarship
SMT. SUSHMA LAL LOAN S/SHIPInderjeet GujralLoan Scholarship
SMT. SARADA WARRIOR LOAN S/SHIPMohandas WarriorLoan Scholarship
SMT. KAMESHWARI SAHAI SAXENA LOAN S/SHIPAnadi Jauhari and Natexis BanquesLoan Scholarship
Shrimati Dharam Devi Bhatia Loan Scholarship Veena MehdirattaLoan Scholarship
Shri Motiram Bulchand Shivdasani ScholarshipSuresh ShivdasaniLoan Scholarship
Samir Anand and Batch of 88 Loan S/ShipSamir Anand and Batch of 88Loan Scholarship
MANTOSH SONDHI LOAN S/SHIPVipin SondhiLoan Scholarship
DEEPAK GEERA MEMORIAL S/SHIPKiran Gera and Anil RamdassaneyLoan Scholarship
ALUMNI LOAN S/HIPmultiple alumsLoan Scholarship