Infrastructural Development at IIT Delhi

A Tribute to Prof. K.C. Iyer

Prof. K.C. Iyer

The Institute mourns the loss of Prof K.C. Iyer, Dean Infrastructure, and Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering. Prof Iyer was an invaluable member of the IITD community and spearheaded the ongoing infrastructural projects on campus.

Under his tenure, as Dean, the Institute was able to initiate infrastructural ventures worth Rs 700 crore. In addition to overseeing projects of around 1.8 million square feet, including a Research & Innovation Park, Faculty housing, Student Hostels, Indoor Sports Complex and the Engineering blocks, Prof Iyer was instrumental in getting new constructions on campus. The IITD community expected him to be present at the inauguration of these projects, which are on the verge of completion. His sad demise after a long battle with CoViD has left a void that would be hard to fill.

In this edition of our newsletter, we pay our respects to Prof. K.C. Iyer and give you a glimpse of the projects he was overseeing, hoping that the institute is successful in realizing his vision for the future of the campus.

The Engineering blocks 99B and 99C

Engineering Block 99B is a 7-storey building with a total area of 37416 sqm being built at a cost of Rs 159 Cr. The block would host the Department of Textile and Fiber Engineering, Department of Mathematics, the Department of Material Science and Engineering, the Department of Design and the Centre for Energy studies. The Central Workshop and a CRYO-TEM Microscope of the Central Research facility would occupy the ground floor.  

Engineering Block 99C is a 7-storey building with a basement and has a total built-up of 30362 sq. m. Being constructed at a cost of Rs 167 Cr this block would become the bio-cluster at IITD and host the Centre for Bio-medical Engineering (CBME), the Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DBEB) and the Kusuma School of Biological Sciences (KSBS).

Blocks 99B and 99C are located on either side of the LHC building and their completion will, to some extent, alleviate the space crunch faced by our faculty in setting up new research labs and facilities.

Dronagiri, Sapthagiri, and Sahyadri

To address the ever-increasing requirement for hostel accommodation, IITD will be adding 2 women’s Hostels – Sahyadri and Sapthagiri – and a men’s hostel  – Dronagiri – to the existing 11 men’s and 2 women’s hostels on campus.

Dronagiri and Sapthagiri, which are adjacent to each other have a total area of 24450 sqm and are being built at a cost of Rs 84.34 Cr. Sahyadri which has a total area of 11696 sqm. is being built at a cost of Rs 39.26 Cr. Together these hostels would add 450 single seater rooms for men and 875 rooms for women. In addition to the modern infrastructure and facilities these hostels would be the first ones on campus to be centrally air-conditioned and would be setting a new benchmark for student comfort and convenience.

Research & Innovation Park

The Research Park is planned to be a managed facility with focus on innovation and product development where IIT Delhi, entrepreneurs and government agencies interact to create advanced technological solutions. The objectives underlying this park are,

1) to accelerate research translation

2) to provide avenues for IIT Delhi students and faculty to interact more closely with industry and bring to market technological breakthroughs through incubation,

3) to amplify the technological and societal impact of R&D at IIT Delhi, and

4) to galvanize entrepreneurial aspirations.

The R&I park was completed in March this year at a cost of Rs 151 Cr. It has a total area of 31365 sqm and has a Restaurant, an ATM, a Convention Centre, 2-level basement parking, Guest Suites, Reception and Recreation. The Park will house Companies/Organizations/start-ups which focus on Advanced materials, Electronics and Communication, Bio and Chemical Technology, Engineering and Design, Clean Technology and Instrumentation and Control.

Mittal Indoor Sports Complex

The Mittal indoor sports complex being built at a cost of Rs 22.19 Cr has a total area of 3510 sqm. Partially funded by our alumnus Mr. Saurabh Mittal (BTech/EE/1995) the complex would house 2 squash courts, 4 badminton courts and have a table tennis area.

Nalanda Apartments


Phase 1 of the project for constructing flats for married research scholar was completed early this year. The 103 1-BHK flats have a 415 sqft carpet area and were built at a total cost of Rs 29.85 Cr. The complex which has 6 lifts with DG backup and 67 CCTV cameras for security of the residents has been tastefully decorated with murals.

Avanti Apartments

In the last few years IITD has been recruiting faculty at an aggressive pace. The Avanti Apartments have been built to provide the newer members of our faculty comfortable housing. The 154 spacious flats, each having a carpet area of 1050 sqft are organized in 6 towers which have a total area of 25500 sqm. Built at a cost of Rs 101.11 Cr the complex was completed earlier this year and is awaiting its first occupants.

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