Procedure for Obtaining a No Dues from Alumni Affairs at IIT Delhi.

All graduating students need to obtain a no dues from the Alumni Affairs office. This is a two-step procedure and an optional (but recommended) third step.

Step 1: Create an account on AlmaConnect ( with an email id that is not your IITD email id. Please provide all information requested accurately. You will need to upload a copy of a Govt Id (IITD I-card, Aadhar, PAN, Driving License, Passport) for this purpose.

Visit You will be presented with the screen below. Click “Sign-up with Email”

You will next be presented with the screen below. Use a non-iitd email while completing the form. After submitting the form, a link will be sent for verification to your email address.


Once you verify your email address, by clicking on the link received you will be asked to fill up the form below. Chose the tab “Student/Alum” and please fill it accurately. Once you submit the form, your request will be sent for approval. 

Step 2: Fill the form at the eacademics portal ( for alumni no dues. The section on FUTURE PLANS is important for us to know what jobs our students are doing after they graduate. Please fill this accurately. If you have not decided what you will be doing after graduation, please come back again to fill this form.

Once you have completed these steps the Alumni affairs office will cross-check the information provided and approve the no-dues. Please note that incomplete or incorrect information will delay your no-dues process.

Step 3 (optional but recommended): Apply for a life-long institute email id as This e-mail id which is a standard G-Suite package and can be accessed through Gmail, facilitates a lifetime connection with your alma mater. One can get this email id by simply filling out a request form at the LINK. Once you register, we will verify your details within 5 working days and send the G-Suite credentials for the requested alumni email address on the email id that you have used for the registration.

This alumni email address will be our primary mode of communication for institute related information. This will also help the institute update your information and bring us one step closer to our broader vision of creating a close-knit network of alumni.