• What is IIT Delhi's Alumni Life-long Email Address Service?

    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has started offering the Lifelong Alumni Email Services. It is a G-Suite service and will have the features equivalent to G-Suite for Education package. You would be able to access the services same as any other Google Account, your username will be in the format FirstName.LastName@alumni.iitd.ac.in.

  • Every Alumni, who has obtained a Degree Certificate successfully at IIT Delhi, is eligible to receieve the Lifelong Email Account.

  • If you are eligible to ontain the Lifelong Email Service, please follow the instructions given at this Link

  • We usually take 5 - 10 working days in order to complete your request. We do not gaurantee that though, as the verification process may take longer than expected at times.

  • Most likely that you have already made a request with us and we have certainly received your data. You do not need to fill the Request Form again, we will process your request shortly.

  • Please check if you have completed all the steps as mentioned in the Process section, especially verification of your current email address. If we do not have a verified email address, we will be unable to contact back. We request you to write us at HELP@alumni.iitd.ac.in with your Entry No., Name, Program Details and Graduation Year details so as to look into your case.

  • Open https://accounts.google.com/ in a browser with no other Google Account Signed in already. Or, sign-in using Add Another Account option.

  • You should be able to reset your password using your last used password or through recovery email option. In extreme cases, we can Reset the account password after the identity verification of the user, though we do not recommend using this method.