• Step 1: Fill the Lifelong Alumni Email Request Form

    Fill the Request Form at this Link. Mandatory fields are marked with *.

    1. Make sure that your Entry No. is in the right format and the Name matches the one on your degree certificate.

      Please use the following formats for Entry Nos. -

      • Till 1999 - XXABC1234
      • From 2000 - 20XXABC1234

      -where XX represents the Year.
      - ABC1234 represents the rest of the Entry No., it may or may not include your Department Code.
      - In case you do not have an Entry No., please mention your joining year in YYYY format.

    2. Select the degree details, as mentioned on to your degree certificate. If your Department / Program is missing from the drop down menu, please add the information in the comment box.
    3. Enter your personal / official email-address that will be verified and you will receive all communications, including the Account Credentials, over it.
    4. Provide your preferred Username (FirstName.LastName) for the Lifelong email address. This username is subject to availability.
    5. Fill in the address fields, they are compulsory.
    6. Add comments, if any.

  • Step 2: Verify your email address

    Check your email for a message with Subject-line - "Email Verification from Alumni Affairs, IITD". Follow the instructions in the message and click/open the Email Verification URL. Upon successful verification, you will see a confirmation message.

  • Step 3: Wait for the confirmation Email

    Upon successfuly verifying your email address, you will receive an email with Subject-line - "Thank you for signing up with Alumni Affairs, IITD", that will contain the Request Form Data submitted by you.

  • Step 4: Verification and Approval

    Alumni Affairs Staff at IIT Delhi will verify your details and issue you the requested Life-long EMail Address. If we require additional information or have difficulty in verifying your details, we will connect you over email.

  • Step 5: Receiving Account Credentials

    You will receive a final email with Subject-line - "G-Suite Credentials for IIT Delhi Alumni E-Mail Service" that will contain your account credentials (Username and Password). You need to open the URL:https://accounts.google.com/ to login the first time and reset the password.

  • Step 6: Suggested Practices

    Once logged-in you should review your personal information in your Google Account's Profile Settings. You can edit your name and add a profile photo. You may review the default recovery email address and update it or add a new one.

  • Step 7: Password Reset

    You should be able to reset your password using your last used password or through the pasword recovery option. In extreme cases, we can reset the account password after verifying the identity of the user, though we do not recommend using this method.

  • Step 8: Help

    Email your quries at help@alumni.iitd.ac.in, we request you to provide your Entry No., Name and Degree details to resolve your queries.